Added Post Date and File Size to Trailers

2 of the most requested features (trailer post date and trailer file size) have been implemented and is live. Unfortunately, previously I’ve only kept track of the latest date from a particular source, so you’ll notice that all Yahoo! or Apple trailers have the same post date for the same movie. However, moving forward, new trailers should have the correct published dates.

File size was actually a lot simpler (though not as reliable) than I originally imagined. I’m currently just making a HEAD request which returns a set of info including the Content-Length without having to download the whole file to find out. However, once in awhile, the Content-Length that is returned is incorrect or obviously not true.

As I’ve tweeted earlier, I made some changes hopefully that’ll improve performance. I’ve added expiration/cache-control that I learnt from .htaccess File and mod_rewrite examples. I also found out I wasn’t sending the correct headers (which included last modified time and etags), which I’ve fixed.

Another change I’ve made was to default the All Trailers catalog index to display text instead of movie posters. Since most people hit the default page, this should decrease a lot of server hits which used to download several hundred poster images per load.

I’ve also added a 3rd source to our main catalog: Moviefone

As always, comments are welcomed. If you see any issues, we’d like to hear about them too. 😀

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