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One of our biggest requests we received was to be able to sort the trailers in our catalog, along with also displaying the actual movie title with the poster. The reason why we didn’t display the movie title was more of a design decision. Movie titles can be very long and that we would either have to increase the area size for the movie title or truncate it, neither which was desirable.

We initially wanted a similar feel to Windows Media Center where they just have posters/thumbnails and if you selected the image, it would show you the title and more information. Due to time constraints, this is currently implemented by showing alternative text when you hover your mouse over the poster.

I’ve been working on the the text mode for a few non-consecutive weekends already. I had actually gotten text mode working a few weeks earlier, but it was very simple and was just a giant list of all the movie titles. This weekend, I spent making it usable and not repulsive. The full design still has a long way to go.

Along with text mode, I’ve also been working on sorting. Sorting was actually quite simple to implement, though I won’t bore you with the details. By default I sort by trailer posted date, but now I allow sorting by movie title. Some work that I need to do around this area is group them alphabetically (by their first letter), ignore “The” if a movie title begins with it, and few other small things here and there.

With that said, enjoy:
Index All – Poster mode sorted by date
Index All – Poster mode sorted by title
Index All – Text mode sorted by date
Index All – Text mode sorted by title

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