HD Trailers from Fandango

Alex has pointed out that Fandango now has their own HD movie trailers section.

I don’t know when they started, but it looks like they have trailers dating all the way back to July 19th, 2006. I probably won’t go and archive all of them and the quality of the trailers are somewhat low compared to other HD trailer sources. However, Alex has also pointed out that they do carry a few exclusive trailers and clips which we haven’t seen from other sources before.

I’ve posted 5 of the most recent ones. Hope you enjoy!

One of the weird things you might noticed is that even though the filename says 1080p, the real resolution is 720p. It could be the original source was 1080p, and it was re-encoded to be 720p. Who really knows. The resolution on the blog post should reflect its real resolution. If not, please do leave a comment.

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