720p MP4 Encodes?

Alex wanted to see if there’s any demand for 720p MP4 encodes. Currently, the only MP4 encodes he provides are 1080p. However, if there’s demand for 720p MP4 encodes, he’s willing to consider also encoding those (along with the 1080p MP4 encodes) and uploading them to a file-sharing site.

If you would like to see 720p MP4 encodes (or don’t care), please leave a comment in this post.


17 thoughts on “720p MP4 Encodes?

  1. I personally can run the 1080p encodes fine, and I have a very mediocre computer, not very powerful at all.

    I play them through Media Player Classic, with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installed.

    As far as myself then the 1080p encodes are great.

  2. I think is good to have also 720p MP4, u don’t get that difference from 1080p on a portable device, so it should be nice for the ones following the blog from they phones…

    any way great job

  3. 720p encodes not needed. I guarantee you that all, or mostly anyone who downloads the 1080p mp4 encodes either have a computer that can run 1080p or a PS3. I myself, luckily, have both. Encoding mp4 in a lesser resolution would just be more time-consuming for Alex and we need him to encode other trailers that haven’t been encoded yet.

    LAKERS in ’09

  4. @ NeXus_KB-24

    I see your point, but what about those who don’t have 1080p HDTV’s?

    Also, would you say that there’s more demand for older trailers on the blog (pre-August ’08)? I could look into providing those in 1080p MP4 encodes.

  5. @ Alex I personally would like to see some of those older trailers encoded. Obviously I wouldn’t want to give you to much to do, but if you do have any spare time at all that would be great.

    The good thing I love about this site, (quite new to this site) was I am able to go back on the blog entries and find links I probably wouldn’t manage to find on the official websites, for whatever reason.

  6. @ Andrew McDougall

    If you could please list the older trailers you would like me to upload, that’d be great. Everyone else is welcome to do the same.

    Coincidentally, I’m gonna have a lot of free time this week, so I’ll be able to get to them this week.

  7. Yes, we need 720p MP4 encodes. 1080p MP4 encodes are great but it doesn’t hurt to have if you want to save some space on PS3 HDD for the some less popular/wanted movies.

  8. My pc doen’t run 1080p quicktime hd properly and i haven’t tried the 1080p as i’m sure my mediocre pc won’t run it… i usually do the 720p and it’d be great to have a 720p mp4 encode…

  9. Well Vivek my computer only cost £100 from ebay, very low budget computer and mine plays the 1080p encodes fine, it won’t play the official quicktime HD 1080p, but I think it is something to do with DXVA on the encodes.

    Intel CPU 2 x 1.60GHz
    2.00GB of RAM
    And some cheap Radeon X550

    So I think with a little tweaking of codecs on your computer you will be able to run the encodes as well. But obviously it will use more CPU power so maybe that’s the reason some may want 720p

  10. I am guessing Alex has discontinued posting 720p encodes but still wondering if anyone wants them. I would be willing to post some however they really would be for select trailers only, the ones I put on YouTube.

    My encodes would be 1280 x 720, x264, High@L4.1 and AAC-LC audio within an MP4 container which are compatible with the XBOX 360. They may be compatible with the PS3 also, but as I don’t have one I am unable to test them.

    If I were to add links to the select video encodes this is what they would look like (with margins) and what people would be downloading: http://i26.tinypic.com/15361kh.png

  11. Yeah, I’ve stopped doing them. They weren’t being downloaded at all.

    The PS3 and Xbox 360 use the same MP4 encoding profile (4.1) which looks like what you’ll be using. Feel free to send me a trailer and I’ll test it out for you.

  12. Thanks for that Krunk. I have to decided to add links anyway, if people don’t download 720p no worries, the option is there if anyone does. Plus it serves as backup for myself should I ever have a HD crash.

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