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I finally upgraded WordPress to 2.6.5 and at the same time I’ve decided to try out a new theme. As you may have noticed, when my post includes a flash video player, it goes beyond the allotted space for the post. So I was already looking for a theme with a wider post area.

Also, I wanted to make future upgrades easier, where I can just drop newer versions of WordPress and themes and not worry about overwriting my changes. Of course there are still going to be little changes here and there to customize the layout, but I had a lot of hacks and changes in the previous theme to enable stuff to work the way I wanted.

Then there was the fact the theme I was currently using was pre-widgets, so I really wanted a theme that supported widgets so I can easily add stuff like Recent Comments or Most Viewed to the sidebar.

I took a look at the Most Popular themes over at WordPress Themes and landed on Green Light. I thought it’d be a nice match for my content.

I customized the header, modified the page bar at the top, and added a few things that were from the old site (i.e. Link to Catalog and Informational Links). So far, I’m really digging the new theme.

I also fixed a few issues I found where it had several W3C compliance issues and the comments link pointed to an anchor that didn’t exist. Otherwise, it’s been great so far. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Gravatar Speaking of comments, it appears this theme pulls your avatar from Gravatar, which is rather neat. So if you don’t want to have a dull gray guy with no face next to your comment, register your email with Gravatar and it’ll automatically pull down your avatar.

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