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So I’ve gotten requests to add mirroring for the HD trailers for some time, but never found a solution that I like. We can’t host it ourselves since these are large files and would be a huge strain on our bandwidth and given that this is just a hobby of mine, I didn’t have the time, money, nor resources to support mirroring directly.

Our only option was to test out file sharing sites and I had a set of requirements, which previously none had met:

  • At least a 200MB file size cap
  • Remote uploading (pass in URL and have it remotely download it)
  • Free

Most file sharing sites capped the max file size to 100MB. Most 720p and 1080p are between 100-200MB, making it unfeasible to support HD trailers. There are a few that go to 300MB and 1GB, but then they didn’t satisfy the 2nd requirement.

The 2nd requirement is support for remote uploads. I don’t have the time nor bandwidth to download all 3 trailer resolutions first and then upload it afterwards. With remote uploading, I can just pass in an URL and it’ll go fetch and download the trailer.

After a small confrontation yesterday, Alex emails me that RapidShare had recently bumped their maximum file size from 100MB to 200MB. They already supported remote uploads, so this was great news!

I’ve tested out a few and it looks like all new trailers moving forward will have a RapidShare Mirror section. Do note that files are only stored as long as there is activity. After 90 days of inactivity, RapidShare will delete it from their servers.

Unfortunately, the IGN trailers that caused all this commotion doesn’t support remote upload. I may eventually upload those manually.

For those who have played with RapidShare Remote Upload, is there a way to clear all those jobs that have completed without manually deleting them one by one?

4 thoughts on “RapidShare Mirrors

  1. For save Mirrors Trailers in HD use http://www.megaupload.com, works well for me. Just enter the security code and wait 45 seconds and you’re ready to download.

    Para guardar espejos de trailers en HD usa http://www.megaupload.com, funciona bien para mi. Solo debes introducir el código de seguridad y esperar 45 segundos y ya estas listo para descargar.

    – Download speed: 90 kB/s
    – Uppload speed: 60 kB/s
    – Max file size to 1GB
    – After 90 days of inactivity, Megaupload will delete it from their servers.

    I use Megaupload to share my Anime collection

    Greetings from Chile
    Saludos desde Chile

  2. The problem with MegaUploads is that it doesn’t support remote uploading. Remote uploading is where I can give it a URL and it’ll go fetch that file. Until MegaUploads supports that, I won’t be using them.

  3. just use adrive.. it’s very fast and free.. i once downloaded a game installer sized nearly 2gigs in one link.. and by using Internet Download Manager, it made the difference in transfer speed.. can reach about 300kbs..

  4. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like ADrive is free, besides personal use/limited sharing. The free account also doesn’t support multiple concurrent sessions.

    It doe support remote uploading but with a cap of 50GB/account which is a hassle.

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