Revamping of Urls

I’ve been playing with PHP and JavaScript to see if I can get the trailer frame to automatically pop up and ended with something like this: Trailer Popup.

At first I wanted to automatically detect if the parent frame was the HD Trailers index page, and if it wasn’t, to load the index page first, then display the trailer frame. There were some difficulties in doing this as most of my processing is done on server side and there really isn’t a way for PHP to know how the frames are structured on the client side. I could do it with client side code (JavaScript), but then I realized it’ll cause problems with the search engines when they’re indexing my pages. I had a working prototype of this and played with it for awhile.

I then tried passing in another get parameter to my index pages, but that didn’t work out too well due to the fact the index pages are cached and that I had wanted to avoid loading the big trailer list every time.

Finally, I created a whole new page for it: view.php and it worked out pretty well. I then realized that all my Digg URLs would have to change, causing a big reset to ‘0’.

I contemplated for a bit, and reverted the work. Looks like I’ll have to give this some more thought.

3 thoughts on “Revamping of Urls

  1. I just realized the Trailer Popup page doesn’t exactly work on IE7. Need to investigate why. I also thought about using htaccess and to determine to redirect to the popup page via Referrer and Agent might be interesting.

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