Changed Servers

I’ve moved the blog over from DreamHost ( to 1&1 ( The migration actually wasn’t that bad. I don’t have shell (SSH) access on 1&1, so I was expecting it to take more time. I’m actually thinking about dropping DreamHost altogether and switching completely over to 1&1 and upgrade to a plan that does have shell access. I’m starting to get sick of hitting DreamHost’s CPU and memory caps.

Moving WordPress provided some guidance, but basically what I needed to do was copy over the WordPress files, copy over the database, fix up the configuration file, cross my fingers and hope everything works. It happened almost quite like that.

Instead of copying over files, I decided to switch over to the newest version of WordPress. Once again, I wished I had shell access, so a quick wget and tar -zxvf would’ve done everything for me, but instead I had to download the zip file, extract it, and upload each file separately, which took 10x as long. I copied over the wp-content data from my old site for the theme and attachments. I also modified the wp-config.php with the new database info.

Both servers had phpMyAdmin, so copying the database over was pretty simple. Creating a new database on 1&1 was rather surprisingly instantaneous. DreamHost usually took a few minutes. I exported the SQL from the old database and injected into the new one. Happened smoothly with no problems along the way.

Then came the part of crossing fingers and launching my site. It worked, but all links were redirected to my old site. I went into the admin control panel and updated the base URL for this blog. I also had to update the theme I was using since it defaulted to the classic one.

Browsing around, I noticed my attachments were still pointing to the old address. That was easily fixed, however I also had to go in and modify the GUID of the attachments in the database which were still pointing to the old blog.

Afterwards, the final thing was to update the .htaccess of the old location to redirect traffic to this site.

I did modify the theme a bit as well as the main page so the blog and the main page would link to each other. That didn’t take too much work either.

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