Apple Movie Trailers Layout Change

As some of you have noticed, Apple – Movie Trailers‘ layout has changed and this has broken my parser. The changes aren’t that simple either as they’ve complicated a few things:

  1. Not all trailers are located in /hd anymore
  2. HD trailers can now be mixed in with standard trailers
  3. There’s 2 layouts I’ve noticed so far: single vs multiple trailer mode

I’ve gone ahead and fixed all the source links to point to the main page instead of /hd, but I’m still working on a fix for the parser so it can work for all their layouts. I’m hoping to be able to fix the parser this weekend.

Update: Looks like I got the parser up and working. If you notice any errors or broken links, please do let us know. Thanks!

Apple Red Band Trailers Uploaded

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful 4th of July!

I finally got around to uploading Apple’s Red Band trailers.

First I played with Filefactory, but was disappointed with their speed as my download rate maxed out around 50KB/s, making a 150MB 1080p trailer download take almost an hour.

Then I tried MegaUpload and was much happier with their speed (was getting 300KB/s), though in addition to a Captcha, they make you wait 45 seconds per file, which gets a bit annoying.

Those were just 2 of the few file sharing sites which actually support files greater than 100MB. These Red Band trailers are all between 150MB and 200MB. Both file sharing sites have a limit of 1 simultaneous download, so I’ll be listing both file shares just in case you want to download 2 simultaneously.

** WARNING ** The following PREVIEWS have been approved for RESTRICTED AUDIENCES ONLY by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Deleted Apple Red Band Trailers (1080p):

I believe both file services delete the files from their servers after a 30 day period of inactivity. If for a certain file above, both links are broken, please leave a comment and I’ll reupload it. Enjoy!

Apple Red Band Trailers… GONE?

So some of you may have noticed that Apple recently started releasing Red Band trailers (in contrast to the normal green ones) to signify these were rated R trailers intended for mature audiences.

A day or two ago, TekMan alerted me that the Red Band trailer link for Burn After Reading was broken. I checked and indeed it was and interestingly enough, it was completely removed from Apple’s website.

Today, Matt emails me and tells me the Red Band trailer was broken for Wanted and that piqued my curiosity. I went and checked every single Red Band trailer (there’s been 4 so far) and they were all no longer available. They’re not even available on iTunes anymore.

I went ahead and removed them from the main page, but the blog entries are still around. I still have copies of the 1080p trailers and will probably upload them to some file sharing site sometime soon. If I don’t, someone should ping me.

Anyway, I have no idea if they just expire after some time or if Apple removed them altogether at once. It could be that since it’s rated R for mature audience, they received complaints or what not and decided to no longer support them. If someone knows the real reason, I’d like to know.

Update: The 1080p versions of all 4 Red Band trailers have been reuploaded. See this post for more details.